• I recently had a sub (who is bilingual) tell one of my students to stop speaking in her Native Language and lectured how she would never learn English if she did not stop using Spanish. I explained to my student that this concept is not correct and the research behind continuing using L1 while acquiring L2.

    I know have added in my sub notes to…[Read more]

  • I feel like this constantly and have found if difficult at times to balance what I can and can’t do, which leaves me frustrated. I don’t understand why some teachers cannot comprehend an English Learner’s struggles and provide help and guidance…or at least follow the accommodations they are required by law to provide!
    That has been a major…[Read more]

  • I had a lyrics project where students selected a song or poem in their native languages. On one side of a mini poster board, is the native language version and the other side was their interpretation of translation. They then created visuals on the poster board such as drawings or collages.

    I did a poetry project using code switching. I…[Read more]

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