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      Dr. Mooney

      In the article, You’re Not a Super Hero, we talked about how teachers care so much that sometimes they care too much. Students’ needs are often great and caring teachers want to help. However, teachers are not super heroes and so they need to learn to take care of themselves so they can continue to help others.

      Have you ever found yourself trying to be Superman/Superwoman for your students? How do you balance it all? What kinds of support do you receive, or need, from your teacher-friends?

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      Keisha Cole

      I feel like this constantly and have found if difficult at times to balance what I can and can’t do, which leaves me frustrated. I don’t understand why some teachers cannot comprehend an English Learner’s struggles and provide help and guidance…or at least follow the accommodations they are required by law to provide!
      That has been a major stress since becoming an EL teacher.

      My students come to me when they have problems that range from help on homework, a bullying issue, an issue with a teacher, thoughts on suicide, deportation, the list goes on!

      My fellow EL teachers, graduate classmates and professors, and my husband are they ones who I go to for support and to just listen to my frustrations.

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        Dr. Mooney

        Thanks for sharing, Keisha! Your feelings are very normal for teachers who care deeply for their students. Know this isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a side effect, so to speak, of your position. Also, you can know that you are doing so much good for your students. Who would they go to if they didn’t come to you with their worries and challenges? You haven’t caused these issues, but by being there, you are doing something about them. You’re doing a great job. Just remember that, and continue to seed your conversations with your mainstream teaching colleagues about their responsibilities for teaching ELs. Hopefully, you’ll begin to see more fruit from those seeds soon!

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