Help Make Dear Dr. Mooney Even More Relevant in 2021

Your feedback on the first year of Dear Dr. Mooney – just one very long year ago – was very valuable as I considered the year ahead. Your input influenced the ideas included in the weekly articles, a stronger focus on strategies for the classroom, and even more answers to readers’ real-life questions. 

You also suggested offering summarized content in the form of easy-to-reference guides or infographics. I loved this idea and began brainstorming the best way to implement it.

And then…COVID and remote teaching. Suddenly, it seemed the most relevant focus needed to be remote teaching, digital resources, and providing support to encourage teachers during these challenging times.

As we begin this new year, I am committed to making the Dear Dr. Mooney community relevant to your work, regardless of what unexpected challenges may arise. I want to return to your suggestions for guides and infographics. In fact, we began that with a reflective infographic last week. Pass it along to your colleagues who need advice and support in working with English learners.

The original purpose in creating Dear Dr. Mooney was to provide support and assistance to teachers of English Learners. A great way to make sure I am staying on track with that purpose is by checking in with readers periodically. I want to know what you’re facing and how I can help this year. That’s where you come in! 

Would you take a few minutes to complete the survey below? 

Thanks for helping me improve Dear Dr. Mooney for 2021!

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