Looking Forward to 2020

This is the time of year when most people make resolutions. Some resolve to lose weight or begin a healthier lifestyle; others determine that they will read more, save money, or spend more time with their children.

Resolutions are a good idea

I think resolutions are a good idea, because they give us an opportunity to consider the past and determine how we would like the future to be different. Three years ago, my family and I chose the “healthier life” resolution. Unlike other years when we chose a similar goal, this time it has stuck. We’re definitely healthier now than we were then. I shared some of this journey in an article a few weeks ago.

For 2020…

I am still considering which personal resolution or ‘word for the year’ I will choose. Professionally, I decided I will work to make Dear Dr. Mooney even more relevant to you and members of our community who join next year.

The articles I’ve written this year have largely been based upon questions real teachers have asked or inspired. Some have grown out of the content I teach in my courses. Your feedback about them has been very positive.

The Discussion Forums, however, need further refinement, and I would like your help. In the coming weeks, look for my 2020 Reader Survey. You will be able to share ideas for content you want to read, as well as the ways Dear Dr. Mooney could be even more relevant to your work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, but until then…

Happy New Year

May 2020 be all you resolve for it to be!

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