When Dear Dr. Mooney launched in May 2019, the primary goal was to provide advice and support to teachers who had little experience with English learners and to those who were mentoring them. Because let’s face it – one undergraduate class about how to teach ELs is just not enough preparation for encountering real-life issues in the classroom. And, all teachers can use a bit of encouragement and support when they’re in the trenches.

After 26 months and over 100 articles, it’s time to recognize that my first attempt at this goal has been met!

If you are a member of the Dear Dr. Mooney community, you may remember that I paused the weekly advice articles in March 2021 while our team made some changes behind the scenes. The website was moved to a new hosting platform, and we updated the domain name to align with the Dear Dr. Mooney brand name. Both changes ensure that the website runs as smoothly as possible for visitors and community members.

Now, it’s time to consider how Dear Dr. Mooney can better serve the needs of this community.

To give time to that consideration, you won’t be seeing weekly articles for the rest of the summer, so that I can work through various ideas and make adjustments to the website.

Please know I am not going away. If you have ideas you would like to share, or in the meantime could use some advice about teaching English learners, you can always reach out to me by email at dr.mooney@angelajmooney.com.

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As always, I am happy to serve you and hear about your needs!

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