Sharing What You’ve Learned About Phonology

Let’s take this single article and accomplish two goals together. How about it?

First, many of you asked for infographics to further explain concepts related to English Learners. It’s a fair request, and I will be sharing a string of infographics in the weeks to come. You asked for it, and I want to respond to your suggestions.

Second, this first of my infographics recaps the concept of phonology which was covered in my recent series of articles, “All About Linguistics (Almost).” While phonology is the scientific study of sounds in a language, it’s not the most straightforward concept to apply in the classroom. This infographic addresses things you will want to remember about the concept, and it recollects a few practices you may choose to incorporate into your teaching.

Give it a look!

Now that you’ve seen the infographic, maybe you would like to take a look at the original article – What’s That Sound I Hear?

You might even want to share it with your peers or teaching partners. Download the PDF version, and write a comment below letting us know with whom you plan to share it.

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