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      Dr. Mooney

      These discussions are designed to provide support in your work with English learners. Do you have questions that your current colleagues also wonder about? Are your building or district EL personnel too overwhelmed with their own responsibilities to have time to discuss your questions or concerns in depth? If so, the discussion forums are where you can find help and share your knowledge with others.

      Here’s how you can contribute

      Ask your questions
      * Find the forum to which your question most closely aligns.
      * In that forum, click Create New Topic.
      * Include a title that clearly summarizes what your question is about.
      * Pose your question with as much background information or detail as you’d like.
      * Click Submit.

      * Explore the forums and topic questions that others have posed.
      * If you find questions that you can contribute to (even a little!), click Reply to and submit your response.


      Please Remember

      • Before posing your question, read through the other postings to see if someone has already asked a similar question.
      • All posts and replies should be related to teaching English learners. (We’d love to hear about your kids, your recent travels, or the great movie you saw, but just not in these forums.)
      • ALL CAPS means you are screaming.
      • Refrain from using sarcasm. It’s impossible to hear your tone and others might not know you are joking.
      • Respect all opinions and experiences that are expressed.
      • It’s okay to disagree, just do so politely and professionally.
      • In general, the more you contribute to a discussion, the more you’ll learn from it.
      • Dear Dr. Mooney has the right to delete any unprofessional posts or replies.
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